First Directors of the Company are the persons falling under the category of Key Managerial Personnel. Board of Directors of LCC Projects Pvt. Ltd. consists of two Directors namely Mr. Arjanbhai Rabari and Mr. Laljibhai Ahir having preeminent knowledge and experience in the construction business. They are inspiration and compass to the whole LCC Team and guiding, supervising, and encouraging all for the respective work.


Mr. Arjanbhai Rabari

Being one of a pioneer of Laxmi construction company, a former firm and of LCC Projects Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Arjanbhai Rrabari is a visionary leader. He inspires others to want to strive for their best and beyond the best performance. His dynamic and effective leadership leads LCC to such a prominent position. With his unflinching commitment and efforts to quality in work execution and timely completion, the Firm has metamorphosed into LCC Projects Pvt. Ltd., in the year 2017.  He has been in the construction segment for more than 20 years having vast experience and proficiency in this civil construction field.

Mr. Laljibhai Ahir is the son of Mr. Arjanbhai Dau (Ahir)-foundation stone of Laxmi Construction Co. From his childhood, he is inspired by his father and his hard work. And following the steps of the father, he has been committed and keen to the work. He has experience of more than 10 years in this industry and has officially joined the company in 2010. Mr. Laljibhai Ahir is exemplary to youngsters by achieving success through dedicated and sincere efforts at so early age. He is a connecting string of many hands working for one vision of LCC. He is a person of Commitment, Passion, Positivity, Resilience Empathy, and confidence.


Mr. Laljibhai Ahir


LCC has been founded by Late Shree Arjanbhai Chothabhai Ahir and Mr. Arjanbhai Rabari. They joined hands with the primary objective of building the best quality infrastructure across India.

Details of our team and departments are as follows:

  • Trained and Experienced Engineers at the office and at the site.
  • Project managers
  • Architects
  • Tendering and finance department
  • HR and Administration
  • On-site office and stores for spares and materials
  • Accounts Department
  • Purchase and Procurement
  • Royalty, Vehicle & Equipment Management

Regular training for the team is arranged to keep them updated with the latest technology. We encourage the team members to participate in conferences, exhibitions, etc. with the intention of keeping them abreast with the current global trends and technology.