Founded in the year 2004, LCC projects Pvt. Ltd. was earlier named as Laxmi construction co, which was a partnership firm.

LCC is a reputed AA class Government contractor and offers credible Contractual Services for PWD, Irrigation department, etc. LCC is engaged in various civil engineering projects mainly from Central government & State government bodies and agencies of various states across India. We also undertake projects for companies who have been awarded the work of infrastructure development by the Government agencies.

Our work includes Construction of Dams, Barrage, Weir, Hydraulic structures, constructed lined and unlined canals including structures & distribution network, constructed tunnels, lift irrigation work including of its electromechanical elements, laying underground pipelines, road works, building works and various other infrastructure development projects. We are expanding the scale of our operations in other Construction Segments along with the present area of Irrigation. We have plans to enter into electrical and mining segment.
While being on this progressive path, we have ensured the safety and protection of the environment. We practice sustainable development.

⦁ Head office at Ahmedabad, the financial capital of Gujarat state.
⦁ Company-owned modern machinery.
⦁ State-of-the-art infrastructure and on-site spares and parts store for non-stop working of machinery.
⦁ Company-owned modern machinery; therefore, no dependability on external agencies. This also helps us to be cost-effective and reliable.
⦁ We use a sprinkler system for proper curing of canals rather than using the traditional method of using jute bags or ponding.
⦁ We use sand washing plants to use the best quality sand.
⦁ Adoption of latest techniques and software i.e. latest design software, accounting software& management software and video conference system, etc. helps to be efficient in providing services.


We are focused on growth through the development of best-in-class infrastructure. We will be committed to sustainable development and construct the best quality infrastructure in an environment-friendly manner.

Our Motto

Many Hands, One Vision.

Our organization is a team of people working together with one vision. ‘Excellence’ is that one goal which is common for all working with LCC. Irrespective of an individual’s area of work, the result of the effort is always aimed at contributing towards creating excellent results.



We deliver what we commit and we never miss a deadline. Timely completion of projects has been one of the biggest success factors for us.


Whether it comes to people or projects, we conduct our business in a professional manner. Every team member and project size is treated with equal importance.


Honesty and integrity are a part of our company culture and integral to our dealings with all our clients, team members and government agencies.


Transparency breeds positivity and confidence. Therefore we hold this value close to our heart.